A list of things to normalize

A list that will probably be updated from time to time:

  • being satisfied with seeing ease in the journey of your descendants, and your junior peers
    • unnecessary struggle is not a right of passage. if you have the tools; use them. that doesn’t make you weak, less apart of that culture/journey, or less legit – (2:185).
  • viewing disability or illness as shifts in the context of someone’s life, as opposed to a weakness, or something that has to be”fought”
    • we are all going to die someday- that’s the only guarantee in this life? so what is this fight? who is the loser? what is lost?
    • is accepting, adapting, adjusting not a harder fight, and a more honorable one?
  • respecting both youth and elders
    • the doors to the Divine are often closest to those who have recently left the Womb, and to those who will be Returning, soon
  • … and on that note: aspiring to be an elder and an ancestor, rather than an old person
    • elders and ancestors impart wisdom. they guide. they advise. they heal. they step back. old people stay in the way. they keep tradition for tradition’s sake, often at the expense of what’s truly best

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