Here we go!

Assalaamu Alaikum, Hola!

Long time no blog!

By the mercy of Allah, I have now entered my last semester of undergrad, and have the availability and experiences to fill this blog out! From now until March, I will be wrapping up my trips and conducting more interviews.

Soon I’ll be posting (in both blog and vlog)

  • My trip to attend classes at LALMA in Los Angeles
  • Visiting the Centro Islamico of IslaminSpanish
  • Reflections about the project + a change in methodoly
  • More about me

in sha Allah. ❤

Wa saalaam,


Bismillah: The Beginning

Hello and welcome!


This site is dedicated to U.S. Latina/x Muslimahs. We come in varying shapes, sizes, and shades, of different ethnicities, localities, personalities and trades, but we have a shared reality—often misunderstood by our fellow Latinx crew, the greater Muslim population, and sometimes by our own selves. We straddle the complex intersections of the lines of our identities, and me oh my, is that intersection a sweet spot. Our stories our important. They are valid, and they matter. This is a space to celebrate, champion our stories: to in sha Allah (if God wills), make us stronger in identity, confidence, and community.

No good welcome comes without a housekeeping tour… In the About section, you can learn more about the the author (me!), this project, and its methodology. In the Blog section, you’ll find posts like this, that document this journey of narrative collection, and my experiences. The good stuff comes in the Narratives tab- this is where stories will be shared, cherished. Photo section will highlight some of the (many) amazing moments of this journey. And as always, feel free to contact if you’d like more information, or to be directly involved.

This project started as an Honors Thesis for my Spanish degree at Case Western Reserve University, but is my intention, my dream, that this project continues on. This is not just a project, not just a blog, but to me, it is an ibadah (an act of worship), to serve God through His people… my people.